MATIÈRES PARIS is a new menswear project by Clément Taverniti.

After graduating from the internationally acclaimed ESMOD school of fashion in Paris, Clément Taverniti has worked with luxury brands Dries Van Noten, Kitsune.

The collections breathe a luxurious new rebellion into modern style. Mixing street and sport culture, high end luxury and traditional tailoring techniques with exciting new and old textiles. Breaking new ground and delivering style unlike any other Parisian menswear brand.

“It’s all about this contrast and mixture of exclusive, traditional, basic, innovative and technical fabrics in order to create a sophisticated and luxurious sportswear approach on menswear and providing the new definition of TIMELESS.  I just love playing with contrasts, opposite things.” Clément Taverniti 

The heavily refined yet experimental approach provides a new energy, the collection has been developed with an obsessive attention to details in execution and craftsmanship. 

Clément’s deep fascination for quality textiles, his Parisian fashion insight and forward thinking approach to design has created MATIÈRESS PARIS.

MATIÈRES PARIS is only available online through our own unique e-commerce, where we aim to deliver an outstanding product in terms of quality , creativity and pricing.  We want to speak directly to our final customers without intermediates allowing us to offer them an exceptional quality product for an exceptional price, with a never-seen-before timeless concept.

Moreover, MATIÈRES PARIS will organize from time to time pop-up store/boutique events where customers will get to touch or try the products before they buy it and where we will get to have in person-real-life-conversations with our community. 

MATIÈRES PARIS adds something original and unrivalled to the modern gentleman’s wardrobe and timeless clothing. 

Redefining “timeless” concept.